You've probably heard this phrase many times: "What you need to do to become rich, you've already done it before."It's great! We have such a wonderful opportunity to become rich!Yes, this one it will take a little more time to learn, but everything will be worth it.In this article, we will talk about how to get rid of your ever-empty wallet, find prosperity and financial well-being.You've probably also heard this phrase: "Money is just a problem."Money is just a problem. You can't get rich without it.An important distinction needs to be made here. Money is an important part of our lives. And some of them is enough for nothing.To become successful and to find prosperity, you do not need to become rich in any way. your specialty. Get a high school diploma without studying Economics at all (i.e., hating it and turning it into a science). Take advantage of this opportunity when the opportunity arises (in your case, it's right now). the time is right, the opportunities are limitless, and your financial situation is in order). 5 good tips to become rich:1) be Sure to save at least a small part of your earnings. A well-made investment will help you reach high incomes and gain material well-being.Money "makes" money; this is why they are so elusive and elusive. To make money on investments, you should have:regular investment account contributions (if your age is not older than 60 years);active management experience (superiors, directors, etc.);the ability to regularly spend part of the money you received.2) You need to invest wiselyYour investments should be conservative and conservative.It is a mistake to invest all your money in just one asset class/instrument. Make a good habit of investing 10-20% of each income you receive (by buying currency, stocks, and other financial instruments every month).3) Learn how to handle risksYour knowledge and skills in dealing with risks will allow you to reduce potential risks (in terms of the amount of money invested and the timing of withdrawal of funds).Below are some good hints::strive to become a "money magnet" by regularly investing 10-20% of each income you receive (thereby increasing your savings);do not engage in speculative activities (because they are inherently unstable and unpredictable — they always "hit" the market on panic days and collapse immediately after the next crisis/shock);stop complaining about the low amount of pension contributions (because this is a "beautiful game");improve your financial literacy by reading books and articles;live within your means (by saving at least a small part of your salary — so that you have money for investments and regular purchases of Mature products);do not take out consumer loans to