Maybe the whole world is not a theater, and the goal is not to become a millionaire, but to keep your money "where my eyes are"?It's all about psychology, about economics, about the ability to properly manage your money. to spend it .Each person has their own unique "programs" for handling money, for creating a balanced family budget, for managing your personal finances.Although the topics of endless speculation and investment are covered in the vast majority of the books on financial literacy. In this article, we will talk about how to start "making friends" with your money, how to learn how to "make friends" with them, how to invest your money in the right investment projects.The reason for the lack of resources and the ever-empty wallet is the inability to correctly handle money: 1) "who Needs money when there is no need for them"?To which the answer is obvious: Everyone! And we're all just trying to live like other people (who have money and are healthy). We're trying to do the right thing by our money — and we're failing miserably.Because we have completely different "functions" in our heads and in our wallets. 2) the Main thing is to act!Without thinking twice before you take the first step (and do it regularly and with a clear conscience).The fact is that you will not be satisfied with the results you're currently seeing.You will definitely not give up your usual life (with its pleasures and responsibilities).You will definitely not get drunk and buy a "broken down" lottery ticket.Because you simply cannot change the current financial situation in any way.Unless you actively take on the following tasks: the first is the "king's move", the second is the "Queen's move", and the third is actively "making money".3) Increase your income.The sooner you start saving money, the longer your money will last.Tomorrow, there will be opportunities to do this on a Bank Deposit and in Online Invest.Money should bring you additional income!And in the form of a salary, an additional amount in the Bank, or an additional payment on the loan.4) Improve your financial literacy.The sooner you start handling money correctly, the faster you will build your "relationship" with them. with life and money.By the way, the earlier you start "making friends" with the money, the better you'll understand the "laws" by which money "lives" and "comes" to you.5) Start investingYour money should bring you "passive income".Regularly buy currency, stocks, and other financial instruments.Such actions will allow you to gradually create an impressive capital, the income from which will fully provide your entire family. 1) Read my article " Where NOT to invest money? TOP 3 most dangerous